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Learn about LastPass — UCOP’s new password manager

Strong and secure passwords are a critical part of UCOP’s “Security First” posture. More than 40% of companies experiencing a breach do so because of a bad password, and the average person reuses a password 14 times!

Fight security breaches with strong passwords

Here’s how to help keep your accounts secure:

  • Create long passwords with a variety of letters, numbers and characters, and change them periodically
  • Create passwords that are not easily guessed and are not tied to personal information
  • Use a different password for every unique login
  • Use a Password Manager: LastPass will be available to you on Tuesday, August 2, 2022!

Check out the benefits of LastPass

  • With LastPass, you don’t have to remember your passwords — LastPass does it for you!
  • Automatically store passwords created in a browser that saves time with future logins
  • Automatically fill in passwords so no copy/paste (or memory) needed
  • Generate new, complex passwords with no need to create strong passwords on your own
  • Share passwords with team members via LastPass team folders
  • Add custom notes to each password profile
  • LastPass monitors your email address and will immediately notify you if it finds your address has been compromised

How to get started with LastPass

Wait for your activation email. You will receive an activation email from LastPass by the end of the day on Tuesday, Aug. 2.  This will be an external email from LastPass <> with the subject “LastPass account created.” If you do not receive an activation email by the end of the day on Tuesday, contact

Follow the activation instructions. Download this instructional PDF.

Attend a virtual drop-in clinic via Zoom:

Have you already activated LastPass as a pilot account user? You can keep using your existing account and will not receive an activation email.

Learn more about LastPass: Visit the UCOP LastPass webpage.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the Service Desk: (510) 987-0457 or


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