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STEP Check-ins are due this Friday

The deadline for our second Staff Talent Evaluation Process (STEP) Check-in conversation is always the first Friday in December — this year, that’s Dec. 1, 2023. These resources will help you complete yours successfully!

Step-by-step STEP instructions

All employees

Complete the first two steps prior to meeting with your manager.

  1. Review, update and comment on your goals and competencies in ePerformance
    STEP’s flexibility allows you to refresh goals and competencies throughout the year. Before your Check-in conversation, make any needed updates and prepare to discuss them with your manager.
  2. Answer the four STEP feedback questions
    In e-Performance, answer the four discussion questions in the Feedback tab. Be prepared to discuss your answers during your Check-in.
  3. Complete your Check-in conversation with your manager by Dec. 1.
    Check-in conversations give you and your manager an opportunity to discuss the status of your goals and competencies, give and receive feedback, address concerns and discuss any needed support.

People managers

In addition to completing the steps above for your own Check-in, complete the following steps for the employees you manage.

  1. As soon as possible: Double-check that you’ve completed the Define Criteria stage for all employees you manage
    Employees cannot update their comments or access their feedback questions to complete the steps above until you approve the Define Criteria stage, so it’s important to ensure that you’ve completed this important task. For help, watch the short video Define Criteria for Managers. If you need additional assistance, reach out to your HR business partner or email
  2. Schedule and complete Check-in conversations with your employees by Dec. 1.
    Review and provide comments on your employee’s goals, competencies and feedback questions. Complete the Check-in conversation with all your employees.

New employees

In addition to the steps above, take your required training:

Additional resources and optional training

For questions, contact your manager, HR business partner or


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