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Feedback requested: Guidelines on Community Safety Vehicles, Uniforms and Equipment (VUE)

The UC community is invited to share feedback, questions or comments on the draft guidelines and recommendations through June 3, 2022

STEP Define Criteria: Goals and competencies are due May 31

Use this list of action items and resources to help start the performance year off right.

yellow car in parking lot

Oakland employees: Sign up for monthly or daily parking by June 1

Starting July 1, only staff who enroll in the parking program will be able to park in a UCOP-managed garage on a daily or monthly basis. Learn how to enroll.

Person working on laptop computer

UCOP Oakland building

UCOP has relaxed COVID-19 protocols as of May 2

Thera Kalmijn, executive director, UCOP Operations, explains the updates to UCOP's on-site COVID-19 protocols.

New meeting scheduling practices: Breaks to support employee well-being

Implement these practices to support yourself, your staff and your colleagues.

Woman drinking coffee at UCOP Oakland office

Oakland staff: Here’s how to reserve hoteling workspaces and meeting rooms

Make sure you’ve taken the steps necessary to reserve a room in EMS when you need it. Training is available if you need help.

Student working on laptop on campus

Set SMART goals for the 2022-2023 performance year

Use the SMART goals framework — specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding and time-bound — to create a path to what you want to achieve.