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IT Tip: Save the Data!

Learn the best ways to back up your data.

Discounts for UCOP employees

Check out some of the discounts available to UCOP employees.

Berkeley campanile bells

How UC is ringing out the summer

UC campuses are bustling hubs of activity even in the summer months.


This solar greenhouse could change the way we eat

Thanks to solar technology developed at UC Santa Cruz, greenhouses are enjoying a new moment in the sun.

Emergency support from UC’s benefit plans

As California enters another destructive fire season, Systemwide Human Resources is working with UC’s benefits partners to ensure their commitment to meeting the needs of those affected by the wildfires throughout California.

Why federal advocacy matters for UC, California and the nation

The federal government’s investment in UC makes a real difference, and it’s worth fighting for.

First Gen UC Irvine students

Cracking the code on first-gen college student success

Could something as simple as success coaching level the playing field for first-generation college students? A new program at UC San Diego is so successful that the campus is adding 400 participants in the coming year.