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BRC Blast: What you need to know about fiscal close

Everyone's favorite time in the accounting year is here. Find out what you need to do for fiscal close.

Did you know you’re a responsible employee required to report sexual harassment?

Take a moment to review your responsibility for reporting possible acts of sexual harassment or sexual violence at the university.

BRC Blast: Payments to foreign vendors

Find out why these payments take more time to be processed and how to submit them.

How to save your life in a fire or other emergency

A few basic precautions can save your life during an emergency at home or in a public place -- but only if you follow them!

BRC Blast: General Ledger 101 training

Come to a training session to learn about UCLA financial ledgers.

BRC Blasts: Do you need a PTA or a PSA for your T&E expenses?

Sorting out the alphabet soup: Learn about Professional Services Agreements (PSA), Pre-Travel Authorizations (PTA) and reimbursements for travel and entertainment (T&E).

Know your FSA deadlines to avoid losing money

Make sure you meet upcoming deadlines to make use of your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds.

Protect yourself from tax fraud and identity theft

Be wary of any message – especially via email, text or phone – that either claims to provide W-2 or other tax information or asks you to provide it.