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BRC Blast: Fiscal close deadlines

Find out when your invoices, reimbursements and other year-end transactions need to get to the BRC in order for them to appear in this year’s budget.

UC research: Binge-watching might actually be good for you

Is it possible that binge-watching an entire season of "House of Cards" might actually be healthy?

UCLA scientist: How to beat jet lag on your summer vacation

Some simple tricks that speed up your adjustment to a new time zone can help you beat jet lag.

Protect your devices and your data with some digital spring cleaning

A good digital cleaning can help improve the speed and performance of the devices and services you use, as well as reduce the risk that a hacker could access private or sensitive information.

Box just got better! Third-party integrations added

Get more out of Box with new third-party integrations as well as some helpful quick tips.

UC employee discounts help make your summer fun

Planning your vacation or other summer activities? Don't forget your UC employee discounts.