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Great ShakeOut this Thursday: How to prepare for the “Next Big One”

California is considered the highest risk earthquake area in the nation. A March 2015 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) forecast predicts a 72 percent probability of a 6.7 or greater earthquake in the San Francisco

Understanding UC’s benefits for domestic partners

If you are in a domestic partnership, make sure you understand the rules to ensure your partner doesn’t lose out on any valuable benefits.

Box update: New third-party integrations, quick tips and more!

Expand the functionality of Box with these third-party apps and helpful tips.

BRC Blast: Meeting and event agreements

If you're planning an off-site event, remember that all contracts and agreements must be reviewed and approved by UCOP Local Procurement.

BRC Blast: Prepaid lodging program, foreign travel

Two Blasts this month: One on UCOP's new prepaid lodging program, the other about foreign travel expenses.

Find out what the Aug. 21 solar eclipse will look like where you are

Check out UC Berkeley's eclipse simulator page for a preview of how it will look from any location.

UCLA Health: Nine myths about healthy eating

  “People think it all comes down to their genes, but there is so much we can control by not smoking or being overweight, eating right and exercising at least moderately,” says Karin Michels, professor