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6 terms to add to your anti-racist vocabulary

Many of our UCOP colleagues are currently participating in workstreams to implement the recommendations of the UCOP Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) Report.

As they develop new strategies and policies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, they are keeping in mind six key terms that were defined in the ARTF Report. Regardless of your role at UCOP, learning these terms is an important step in understanding and being able to contribute to building an anti-racist workplace. Review this list, then check out our resources for learning more.

1. Anti-racism: The policy and practice of actively opposing racism and promoting racial justice. Anti-racism is a proactive commitment to eradicating racism and to exploring and accepting responsibility for one’s own part in it.

2. Diversity: Variation among social groups, which includes differences in power, privilege and status. There are countless visible and invisible facets of social diversity, including, but not limited to, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age and political affiliation.

3. Equity: A principle of fairness, with freedom from bias. Equity takes into account that people have different access to resources because of systems of oppression and privilege.

4. Inclusion: Embracing the strengths of our diversity in ways that make all people feel welcomed and valued for who they are, individually and systemically.

5. Microaggressions: Subtle, often unconscious everyday behaviors that unintentionally denigrate someone from a historically marginalized or non-dominant group. They are small in themselves but can have a cumulative, demoralizing effect on individuals.

6. Systemic racism: Collective racial prejudice backed by legal authority and institutional control.

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