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Learn the science of managing stress and improve your well-being

No matter what phase our personal lives or careers are in, most of us feel stressed sometimes. Live and self-paced courses, along with supportive resources, can help.

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Three upcoming classes can support your well-being in the new year

Three upcoming courses can help you get the perspective you need to succeed all year, support your mental health and position you to thrive.

Adjusting to the New Normal: Stress Management

PACSW presents Alison King, LCSW, Health Net/MHN. Alison will define the various types of stress and their impact, and provide evidence-based techniques to add to your personal stress-management “bag of tricks,” especially as we move

Alison King

PACSW presents: Adjusting to the New Normal – Stress Management

Come learn about the various kinds of stress and their impact, as well as evidence-based techniques to add to your personal stress-management strategy.

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Stress less with helpful workshops and resources

If you feel like you're having a difficult time keeping yourself calm, putting things in perspective and coping with grace at work or at home, here are some resources that can help keep you grounded.