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UC Santa Barbara scientists using sensors to monitor outdoor research phenomena

Guy Kawasaki-led alumni panel will explore AI’s impact on jobs

Join the UC Alumni Career Network and a group of UC alumni who are tech-industry veterans for an exploration into how the rise of artificial intelligence may affect jobs and industries.

Explore the first-gen college experience with the UC Alumni Career Network

First-generation UC alumni will share their personal experiences, provide advice and discuss what it truly means to be the first in your family to attend college.

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Explore perspectives on quiet quitting

Learn how to define quiet quitting, explore strategies to leverage this shift and get tangible steps for creating sustainable workplaces.

Woman drinking coffee

The UC Alumni Career Network will explore quiet quitting and the first-gen college experience

Join us to gain insights, information and connections geared towards launching, growing and expanding your career opportunities.

Social Mobility and Adjusting to an Office Culture

Adjusting to organizational culture can be difficult — even more so if you’re attempting to adapt to this culture having never worked in an office environment. All UC campuses stand out for advancing social

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New webinar: Retiring the Concept of Retirement

Retirement has always been framed as the ultimate end goal, but for many people over 55, it’s just the beginning.

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New webinars from the UC Alumni Career Network

Upcoming episodes of the UC Alumni Career Network include building a second-act career and adjusting to an office culture.

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Navigate a new workplace as a seasoned professional

Discover insights and strategies to help experienced professionals find and create community in a new, age-diverse workplace.