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New webinars from the UC Alumni Career Network

Upcoming episodes of the UC Alumni Career Network include building a second-act career and adjusting to an office culture.

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Navigate a new workplace as a seasoned professional

Discover insights and strategies to help experienced professionals find and create community in a new, age-diverse workplace.

The UC Alumni Career Network explores gender at work

Explore tactics and best practices for providing an inclusive environment for employees of all genders.

Navigating Ageism as a Young Professional

Young professionals can experience ageism, too. Offered by the UC Alumni Career Network, this webinar will bring together communication and diversity, equity, and inclusion experts, human resources professionals and young UC alumni to offer

Upcoming UC professional development opportunities

Are you ready to build career skills this fall? Start with UC!

Networking Virtually and In Person

Networking is often credited as essential to career growth and success. In this skills-based workshop hosted by the UC Alumni Career Network, UC alumni will explain how to navigate networking, virtually and in person.

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Tuesday: Learn how to network, in person or online

Attend this session for helpful tips on building connections, conducting informational interviews and using social media to expand your network.

“Falling” Into the Right Career for You

As a first-generation college student or recent graduate, you may feel compelled to choose a career that closely aligns with your major or follow a path heavily influenced by others. But, there are other

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Advice for early-career employees

Hear how UC alumni had unexpected experiences that left long-lasting impressions upon them, opening new pathways to career opportunities.

Leading Teams in Hybrid/Remote Environments

Leading and managing a team has its unique opportunities and challenges. From communicating ever-changing company policies to building team culture with members all over the world, managers are navigating new waters. This webinar organized