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New encryption tool coming to UCOP Windows 10 laptops

All UCOP Windows 10 laptops will be changed over to the new tool between Oct. 30 and Dec. 5, 2018.

Come hear a speaker from Apple at National Cyber Security Awareness Month event

Hear special speakers, have lunch and enjoy product giveaways at cybersecurity events this month.

UCOP’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month celebration

Learn how to protect yourself from data disasters both at work and at home.

IT tip: How do I share my screen in a Zoom meeting?

Find out how to do one of the most frequently asked about tasks in Zoom.

New to UCPath — Set your preferred name for your dashboard

Find out how to have UCPath display your preferred name.

Be alert for cybersecurity scams as the school year begins

Tips to help you protect yourself and the university from cyber scams.

IT Tip: Save the Data!

Learn the best ways to back up your data.