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Man wiping sweat off of his face

How the dangers of heat waves sneak up on people

There’s no question that kind of heat is hazardous to your health. But why?

Glenda Humiston receives CUCSA 2023-24 Outstanding Senior Leadership Award

This prestigious recognition honors senior-level leaders who are supportive and inclusive of UC staff, and encourage equity, diversity and community.

Why California’s beaches are shrinking, and what we can do to save them

UC research is helping preserve the Golden State's iconic coast.

President Drake poses with UCOP EDI Conference attendees

The UCOP Staff@Work engagement survey launches Tuesday, July 9

The survey invitation will come to your email address.

APISA shares video highlights from a memorable year

The inspiring video highlights the group's benchmarks, achievements and events over the past fiscal year.

Explore UC campuses’ public summer events near UCOP

Find out what's happening on UC campuses near you this summer!

Learn how to understand and interrupt subtle acts of exclusion

Join colleagues in exploring the subtle acts of exclusion framework and learning how to promote a more inclusive work culture.

Damian Luna brings cyber risk expertise to UCOP

Damian is managing UC's new Cyber Risk Assessment Unit.

New Asana project management software now available

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets; a new tool has come to the UCOP software catalog.