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Reduction of UCOP on-site services and staffing extended through March 1, 2021

Given the continued increase of COVID-19, UCOP is extending the reduction of on-site services through March 1.

Woman parking bike

Implementing COVID-19 protocols to support our return to on-site operations

From social distancing to sanitation stations, here's a preview of what to expect when we return to the office.

President Napolitano addresses 1,600 staff at first-ever virtual Town Hall

The president’s virtual Town Hall meeting provided employees with critical updates and encouragement in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo on COVID-19 health disparities 

Don’t miss the second event in the Black Staff and Faculty Organization’s series exploring COVID-19 health disparities in the African-American community and underserved populations.

Free mindfulness training resources from UC experts

Two UC campus-based programs allow you to attend virtual mindfulness training. Choose from live webinars or on-demand content.

How UC is helping during the pandemic

Looking for some positive stories to brighten up your week? Here are some we’ve collected throughout the UC system. Get ready to smile — and read on.

Is takeout food a safe choice? UC investigates.

Get the latest insights on takeout dining from UCLA food safety and nutrition expert Catherine Carpenter.

An update on UCOP’s shelter-in-place orders

On Monday, April 27, EVP/COO Rachael Nava provided updates to shelter-in-place orders for UCOP staff.

An expert answers your COVID-19 questions

From clothing to groceries, there are a lot of question marks these days. What should we actually worry about, and what’s just overkill? Dr. John Swartzberg of UC Berkeley gives us some clarity.

April 2 coronavirus update from Rachael Nava

Last Thursday, EVP/COO Rachael Nava sent a coronavirus update to UCOP staff, including information about UC’s staffing continuity plans and the updated stay-at-home order.