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Prez plays ping pong

Ping pong, anyone? Tables now available at Franklin and Broadway

If you’re having a tough workday and need to blow off a little steam, why not pop down to Franklin’s Lobby 2 for a brisk game of ping pong?


Deadline Sept. 12: If you’ve got talent, join the Oct. 3 showcase

If you juggle, twirl a baton, play the tuba or have some other special talent, complete the talent show application by Friday, Sept. 12.

Mark Cianca

10-second bio: Mark Cianca’s path to UCPath

UCPath Co-Director Mark Cianca was born in Butte, Montana, where he attended a high school that had a very interesting neighbor.

Cover of Lean In, book by Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In this Thursday, Sept. 4: Let’s start talking about it

Be sure to attend one of the Lean In sessions in September or October, when the series will wrap up with the final chapters of Sheryl Sandberg's book.

Amy Levine

Making Power Moves: Registration deadline today

If you're interested but haven't yet signed up, be sure to register through the UC Learning Center by 5 p.m. today, Tuesday, Sept. 2.