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COVID-19 test

UCOP COVID-19 protocol reminders

Follow these important protocols to help protect yourself and others.

Medical professional giving woman flu vaccine

7 things to know about the Nov. 1 flu shot requirement — and how to report it

Have you gotten your flu vaccine? Here’s what you need to know about UC’s requirement and reporting at UCOP, including frequently asked questions about UCOP Screen.

Coronavirus information course now required for all UCOP staff

Learn about your responsibilities and what UCOP is doing to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Reminder: COVID-19 screening is now required for facilities access

Are you working in the office or returning to the office to pick something up? You must complete the UCOP Screen survey.

New UCOP Screen requirement starting July 20

Stopping in or working on-site at a UCOP facility? Starting, July 20, you'll need to complete a UCOP Screen symptom survey each day before entering the office.