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Try these 7 tips for the best Zoom experience

We’ve compiled some tips for everything Zoom — from security features to backgrounds to how-to webinars.

Person on the phone

Master teleconferencing — it’s all about the Zoom!

If you’ve just started using Zoom or could use a refresher clinic to get your skills up to speed, check out this helpful 90-minute workshop.

Personalize your Zoom experience

Are you still using the randomly generated Zoom PMI that your account came with? Make life easier for yourself and your colleagues by taking a few minutes to personalize it.

Woman with laptop

Zoom now connects even more participants

Zoom has increased its base capacity for meetings — now up to 300 participants can join with no additional license needed.

Zoom Fundamentals

Join Zoom administrators from Telecommunications for this helpful in-person workshop. Geared towards both beginning and seasoned users, participants will get tips on better meeting management, help installing and starting instant meetings, cloud and local

Can’t-miss events: Black History Month genealogy workshop and breast cancer prevention

Breast cancer risks, genealogy and women's health are on the docket for this week's hottest events - one of which is available via Zoom conferencing!